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I'm the first to admit I've tried some wacky things in the name of wellness. I once ate raw garlic cloves every morning for two weeks straight as a natural alternative to antibiotics. (Not advised, if only for the garlic breath.) I brush my hair with a comb carved from a clear quartz crystal to purify my crown chakra. (Totally advised, if only for the aesthetic.)

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The benefits of infrared sauna therapy!

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Special Features Of The The Sweat And Glow Infrared Sauna Blanket!

Easy to set up and to pack after use, the Portable Infrared Home Spa is your best companion of a sauna when traveling to any part of the world. It doesn’t take up much of your traveling space.
One Person Sauna
Do you love the comfort of being personal? In a public spa, you are likely not ever going to have a personal and exclusive sauna bath. You will always share it with other people. But with your Portable Infrared Home Spa, you enjoy the exclusivity of being personal and you also take responsibility for it.
The Portable Infrared Home Spa is the way to go.
Timer and Temperature Setting
Plus, you can set at will for up to 60 minutes in a session and also has a temperature setting that you set for up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Home SPA
No need to leave the comfort of your home to go have a sauna session in a paid public spa. With the Portable Infrared Home Spa, you have a ready-made, comfortable and convenient spa in your home. You can have your sauna session without having to drive downtown for one. This is your compact size sauna perfect for at-home use.
The Portable Infrared Home Spa unit also comes with a zipper.
The zipper makes it possible for easy access openings that let you flip through books, magazines, shuffle music and text while all the time enjoying your sauna session.

There’s really nothing to inconvenience working Serene life sauna. The Portable Infrared Home Spa is all about compatibility. Every part of the sauna and functional unit works together in harmony to deliver the best of a sauna session.
Heating Foot Pad
Another wonderful thing about portable saunas is that they come with a heated foot pad that helps to transfer far-infrared heat through your feet down to your body.
You are heated up all over in a portable sauna….the sole of your foot inclusive.
The sauna must make you sweat.
Remote Control
You have a handheld remote control that lets you manipulate and customize the sauna at your will.

30 Health Benefits Of Sweat & Glow!

Here’s is a list of some of them:
Far Infrared sauna:
1. Promotes perspiration: We know that sweating is good for the body this is because toxins leave your body when you sweat.
What you sweat in a 10-minute session in a Gizmo sauna blanket is equivalent to a 30-minute walk.
2. Helps you loose of Calories: Infrared sauna session will help you at least 500 calories in a 30-minute session
3. Helps flush toxins and heavy metals out of the body: You practically sweat out these toxins and heavy metals.
4. Stimulates and promotes antibody: Infrared sauna helps to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to fight infections, viruses, and bacteria. You lose common cold through the use of infrared sauna.
5. Increases metabolism: Infrared saunas stimulate and speed up metabolism and enhance the absorption of nutrients.
6. Helps with weight loss: Infrared sauna detoxifies and burns and melts excessive fats fast and safe. This results in thin body.
7. Improves blood flow and circulation
8. Helps to clear skin of all form of impurities…this is why professional SPA, salons and even homes use it now.
9. Helps to promote quick recovering after exercise
10. Helps with skin rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing
11. Is great for relaxation
12. Helps with pain relief from back pain, arthritis, Lyme disease, sore muscles, and joints
13. Helps to heal deep tissue by supplying them with oxygen
14. Helps in opening up nasal passage for free flow of breath
15. Can help with cardiovascular problems
16. Helps to reduce stress and fatigue because it produces deep relaxation…you may even fall asleep in a sauna session.
17. May also help to reduce cellulite if not completely eliminate.
18. Helps with high blood pressure
19. Helps with rheumatoid Arthritis
20. Improves body constitution and boosts energy
21. Improves and boosts body immune system and help to prevent growth of cancer cells
22. Relaxes muscle spasms
23. Is great in winter and cold season
24. Helps with detoxification thus promoting clear and glowing skin
25. Is also found to help combat acne by supporting the body’s own detoxification
26. Quickens Lipolysis: It removes excessive fats from your tummy, waist, hip, arms, and legs
27. Acts as physical therapy for Myalgia and Neorosis
28. Diminishes inflammation
29. Helps with sleeping disorder
30.Brings feelings of wholeness, health, and wellness